Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring to the Nursery?

We ask that you bring at least one change of clothes, change of shoes (outdoor/indoor) and appropriate clothing according to the weather. (sunhats/raincoats)

If your child needs a comforter please bring this with you also.


Do you provide formula milk and nappies?

The Nursery doesn't provide milk, nappies or wipes. We ask that you ensure you have a supply for your child and hand them into the Nursery when you arrive - if you are running low the Nursery staff will inform you.

Do you take childcare vouchers?

Yes, we do take vouchers. Please let a member of the Management Team know when your child starts if you intend on using vouchers.

Can we see the Nursery Policies & Procedures?

The Policies & Procedures are displayed within the Nursery foyer - parents are also encouraged to contribute to our new Policies.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, the nursery staff, parents and importantly children work alongside our Nursery chef to choose healthy nutritious meals and snacks. We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.